Too Hot to Handle

May 12, 2012

I first saw May as I was introducing myself as facilitator in an international seminar. She came as part of a delegation of senior officials from Indonesia observing the conduct of the seminar. I was in the middle of my self introduction but she immediately caught my eye. Even while wearing a modest business suit, she couldn’t hide her curves.  She had a milky complexion and beautiful eyes. She looked like she was married and had kids but she was clearly a MILF, if you’ve ever seen one. But she was with a senior male official, around whom the rest of the delegation hovered and I was in what was an important work contract for the seminar and so I did not really do anything about the fact that she was terribly attractive until the last day of the seminar.

We had a farewell dinner on the last day and it was then that I had a chance to get close to her. We had to wait about an hour for the food to be set and I took that as an opportunity to strike a conversation with her. She was with a small group of colleagues and I learned that, indeed, she was married and had a family and that she was also a senior official in a big organisation in Indonesia. I thought her being married and being a senior official is not good as far as expecting her to flirt around with me. But she did. When someone started playing the piano, she joined to softly sing a song. I joined in and, before I knew it, we were talking about music and singing tunes with each other even as the piano player had stopped. In a quiet duet we did, I could sense a deep longing in her eyes as we were looking in each other’s eyes and singing the love song. But there was just too many people in the party for anything serious to happen. I had already packed my things and left them in the lobby and we were with many seminar participants when we went back to the lobby, leaving me no chance nor alibi to go up the elevator with her. We said good night to each other and bade each other farewell as they were leaving the country early the following morning.

To keep the link between us, I emailed her the lyrics of a song she was struggling to remember that evening. She responded and that led to us talking about the meaning of the song, how we felt about music and, eventually, how we felt as we were singing those tunes that night. But we were an ocean apart and so nothing really could be expected of it until she told me a few months after that seminar that she had another business travel to my city. When she came, she simply told me where she was staying  and I went to see her in her hotel room.

MILF Lover (PH)


Revenge Threesome

May 11, 2009

threesomeI found out that my husband was having it on the side with three different women and I was very angry. When I confronted him, he said sorry but indicated that he was not prepared to promise me that he would never to do it again. He explained that, for the first seven years that we were married, he remained faithful to me even as I agonized over and tormented him for imagined liaisons. He reasoned that making such a promise won’t make a difference. He did say that he would understand and would be perfectly alright with it if I also played around myself.

I wanted to get back at him. I wanted to hurt him the way he hurt me. I wanted to give him a dose of his own medicine. I went online and chatted with a number of guys. Many of them were unattractive physically and I also got turned off by a number who couldn’t express themselves very well.

Jess was different. He was articulate. He had a sense of humour. And, he was physically attractive. Unlike most guys I met on the internet, he didn’t start the discussion with sex and this made me comfortable. His physical distance also did not create an immediate tension as he was almost two hours away by plane although, being a sales executive, he sometimes gets to travel to where I was which was, in my view, convenient. I found out that he was married too. Our conversations nicely transitioned into marital issues, including sex, and then to sexual experiences. I told him that I had never been with another man apart from my husband. I found out he played around a bit with a few women including a secretary in their main office. It was then that the subject of us getting together came and, to his surprise, I told him I actually wanted to try a threesome (I wanted to get back at my husband big time). He was gallant about it and he suggested a co-worker of his who could join us.

Wanting to test my husband’s resolve in sticking to his position, I told him about what Jess and I were planning. I thought he was just bluffing but he actually ended up driving me to the hotel where I was meeting Jess. When I was already in the room with Jess, I was half-expecting that my husband would come pounding on the door so I took my time. It was good that Jess also didn’t pressure me. He just sat in the bed watching TV as I helped myself with the pizza on the table. It must have been a good 30 minutes before I felt comfortable enough. If my husband were to have barged in, he would have done so by that time. It was then that I excused myself to change into something more comfortable in preparation for my night with Jess and his friend who came later as he had arranged (he wanted to have his fill first).

Needless to say, I didn’t get a wink until they left at four early the next morning. I quickly called home to check in on my husband who apparently was woken from his sleep. I gave him a gist of what happened and indicated that I was still hot and wet. I invited him to come pick me up since check-out time wasn’t until lunchtime. He arrived two hours later and we had one of the most mind-blowing sex in our married life.


An Unexpected Encounter

May 11, 2009

AirplaneIt was an end to yet another out of town trip – the plane ride home would take one hour and 45 minutes. I really hated this part of my job because it took me away from home where I felt most comfortable. When I arrived at the airport, the power was down so everything had to be done manually. No problem – I was just happy to be on my way home. As I entered the departure lounge, I immediately noticed the shapely silhouette of a woman who, I swear, could have just jumped out of the cover of a magazine. Her skin was as pale as snow. Her figure suggested she could have been a model. The way she carried herself told me she wasn’t someone you’d find just anywhere. My first impression was that she could have very well been a mistress (as against a wife) of a congressman or tycoon. Feeling the very strong attraction, I did the exact opposite of what my male senses wanted me to do. I looked for the farthest seat in the lounge and took my place there. Like I said, I was just happy to be going home. It was all and well until boarding time and I found myself seated right next to (who else but) her. For a full ten minutes or so, I fidgeted with everything in front of me – the in-flight magazine, the earphones, the safety instructions – the barf bag. All the while, I was asking myself – Is God testing me? I had been married for seven years then and, while I had started to appreciate the beauty of other women, I had never been with one other than my wife. Finally, I decided that I should at least talk to her since we were seated right next to each other. I realized that in this big world full of hundreds of millions of peoples, we may never ever cross paths again after this chance encounter. After a shaky self-introduction, we got off to a good exchange about where we hailed from, our work and our family lives. I learned that Catherine was a senior provincial officer from a southern province and she was traveling to do some business at central office. I found out that she had teenage children but that she was separated from her husband who was having problems with substance abuse. I was 30 and she was 38 then. I told her that I taught in a university and about being married and having two beautiful children. I was very open about how attached I was to them and how dedicated I was to my family. It was then that I confided to her that I had no regrets about marrying early (I married at 23) except on the few occasions when I met a woman as beautiful and physically attractive as her. After her initial surprise, she quietly thanked me for the compliment. We went silent for a while and there was a danger that the direction the conversation took would have left us that way for the rest of the trip. I gathered the courage to restart the conversation by asking her if she found me attractive. I wasn’t in my best shape. I had gained several pounds over the years and I was wearing an unkempt mustache and so I wasn’t really confident with myself. After hesitating a bit, she told me she did. I then asked her if she wanted to spend a couple of hours alone with me after the plane landed. She looked at me with her light brown eyes searchingly – as if asking me if I was not just joking or leading her on. I was already committed so I held my ground and just stared into her eyes. Finally, she reached for an airline napkin, wrote something on it and handed it to me. It read: ‘Are you clean?’ I borrowed her pen and – with hands trembling a bit perhaps from the adrenaline – I wrote ‘Absolutely’. After reading it, she looked away and stared at the seat in front of her. I waited a while to allow her to gather her thoughts before silently calling her attention and asking ‘Do you’? Again, I got a long searching look before she gave me a nod and looked away. I took her hand and gave it a light, reassuring squeeze. That was my first experience with another woman. I found out that it was also her first experience with another man. This is one of the most unforgettable experiences in my life.

First Timer

Between Consenting Academics

April 21, 2009

spa_massage_mastheadI met Rose on campus. She was being given a tour of the school facilities by a program officer when I came across them and we were introduced to each other. Because the program officer had another matter to attend to, I was left with the task of showing Rose around and telling her what kind of support she can expect from the university. I found out that, while she was married, she was there on her own as a foreign student. I too was a foreign student there and had been away from my family for eight months or so. Before we parted, we agreed to a get-together between fellow foreign students at her place. We had dinner two days later with each of us contributing a dish. She was renting a room in a four-bedroom house but the other rooms were vacant so we had the whole house to ourselves.

I found Rose really attractive even though she was eight years my senior. Thus, I couldn’t avoid imagining what could happen between us while we were all by ourselves in that house. But the after dinner conversation was really quite innocent. We talked about our families and our work. I learned that she had a teenage son and that she was teaching in university back home. I told her I had three kids and that I also taught in a university in my home country. Just about this time, she got a call and she went into her bedroom for a few minutes to take the call. When she came out, she explained that it was her husband and we quickly went back to our idle talk. The topics went from academic interests to hobbies and skills. We learned that we both enjoyed cooking. I volunteered to take her to the local Chinatown where she can shop for fresh produce. Wanting to explore how open she was to something more than a post-dinner chatter, I mentioned that I knew massage. When she asked what the difference was between a Swedish and a shiatsu massage, I used her right forearm to illustrate it. It was a very impersonal contact in a way. Since the night was wearing on, I felt that I needed to go but we agreed that I’d be back early the following morning to take her to Chinatown.

As soon as I arrived early the next morning, she offered me a cup of tea. I nodded and followed her to the kitchen. While she was pouring the tea, I couldn’t help but notice her figure. She had on a loose pair of pink sports jacket and pants over a dark gray spaghetti blouse but her outfit still managed to show a curvy figure. I was looking at her figure and butt all the while I was following her back to the living room with the cup of tea in my hand. As we sat next to each other on the couch, she explained that she may not be able to make the trip to Chinatown because she wasn’t feeling well. She said she was up most of the night doing some writing work. For a second there, I thought – ‘There goes the day’. But then I asked if she could use a rub and she said ‘yes’ almost before I cold finish asking. I promptly started massaging her head but then she asked if I wanted to use ointment. Of course, I agreed and she went into her room to get it. After gathering my composure for a couple of seconds, I followed her into the room where she handed me a bottle. Before assuming her position on her bed, she shut her bedroom door and engaged the two locks.

Before settling in, she took off her jacket to reveal her gorgeous figure. After massaging the back of her head, I asked if she wanted me to do her back and she again quickly said yes. After her back, I asked if she wanted me to work on her legs and I got the same quick answer. It felt so good as I was taking off her pants to reveal a pair of black panties and flawless legs. As I was working on her thighs, I couldn’t help but extend the motions to touch her crotch. No reaction from her. When I finished the back of her legs, I turned her over and worked upwards from her feet, the front of her legs, her stomach and her shoulders. It was when I rolled up her blouse to work on her shoulders that I saw the full glory of her breasts. I could freely look at them because her eyes were closed. Unable to contain myself, I started kneading them. To be honest, even after all that had happened I had half-expected her to sit up and slap me. But she didn’t. At first, she just took deeper breaths but, a little later, she was already moaning. It was then that I gathered the courage to plant a kiss on her lips. She pushed me back lightly for a second or so before she started kissing me back.

Lucky Guy

Pregnant Pause

April 19, 2009

pregnantI was five months pregnant with my second child and so I wasn’t exactly in my best form. Still, this didn’t seem to be a problem for James. We had been office mates for more than a year and he had shown more than a professional interest in me since we met. He was always generous with compliments and was very thoughtful. There would be days when I’d just find a bar of chocolate or a cupcake on the table and I’d find out it was from him. And in the last previous weeks, James had been stepping up his game. He’d tell me I look hot and make increasingly suggestive comments that would have sounded offensive if not for the fact that I liked him. Well, it was more like lusted from him. He was very yummy in the way he dressed and carried himself.

A few of us had to do overtime one evening to get a document in the following day. He sat next to me in my cubicle as we worked on the numbers. Initially, I was too focused on the work to notice how closely he had moved towards me. What caught my attention was his hand lightly cupping mine while he was seemingly absorbed in studying the document I was holding. I don’t know if it was in spite or because of the stress but I suddenly felt so darn horny. Of course, I initially pretended that I didn’t notice what he was doing. It stayed that way for a few minutes until one of our office mates came by to say that she was done and that she was leaving. He quickly let go of my hand and moved away from me. To me, this changed everything. Up to that time, I had thought it prudent to keep him at bay for fear that he lacked discretion. He kind of had a playboy image in the office. His suave move told me I could trust his sense of discretion.

After we said bye to our office mate, I went back to looking at the document and he quickly moved closer towards me – even closer than before. By this time, I was getting fidgety and very wet down there. It seems counter-intuitive but there is something about pregnancy that gets my sexual drive up. I find myself initiating sex with my husband more often when I am pregnant than when I am not. When I couldn’t help it any longer, I turned to him and asked him what he was doing. Rather than shirk away, he threw a confident smile, looked me in the eye and told me that he really found me extremely attractive.

I hadn’t expected that reaction and so I was left speechless. We sat there staring at each other for a moment and then, without a word, we started kissing. But fearing that another office mate might come along, I pulled back and told him we couldn’t do it there. He stood up and very lightly pulled my hand as he led me to the copy room. There, in the unlit room, I gave the lucky bastard one of the most memorable heads in his life.

Flirty Gal


April 16, 2009


I met Dennis when I was pursuing my master’s degree while working. I was 28 and he was a dozen years older than me. For some reason, we often enrolled in the same class and ended up in the same group. On more than a couple of occasions, we worked together on school projects that took us from the school library to fast food joints. I enjoyed working with him not only because he treated me well but because he was terribly charming. He was tall, tan and handsome. And I also knew he had the hots for me. Girls have a sixth sense for such kind of thing, don’t we? I’d often catch him looking at my butt which, many of my friends say, is one of my best assets. The naughty girl that I was, I’d give it an extra jiggle when I knew he was looking. We’d go out for dinner on the pretext of doing ‘work’ on our class projects. It came to a point that we developed an unspoken passion for each other. I couldn’t wait to see him and he was having a hard time keeping his hands off me. The problem was that he was married and I was engaged.

When I got married, he sort of took it badly and we stopped communication for some time. I had skipped a few semesters and so we didn’t get to see each other. But on the few occasions that we saw each other again, the old feelings returned. I thought that after being married I’d feel differently towards him but I didn’t. And not having seen him for several months created a yearning in me. Still, I was able keep my wits about. I suppose the fact that we no longer saw each other regularly made it easy to do so.

But then came an out-of -town conference in our professional circle. I actually hadn’t planned on going there except that my boss who was supposed to attend had to cancel at the last minute and I was asked to take her slot. When we met on the first day of the conference, he asked me to have dinner with him and I readily agreed. After dinner at a fancy restaurant, we had a couple of drinks and then, without batting an eye, he casually asked me if I wanted to go up to his hotel room. I was surprised a bit by the question but, at the same time, I had entertained the thought a few times at the back of my mind. It took me a minute or so to gather my thoughts. Overcome by his audacity to ask the question, I simply said ‘yes’.

It was every bit as intoxicating as I had imagined and we saw each other a few more times after that. I only stopped seeing him when my husband found out about us. Needless to say, it wasn’t pretty – my bad. This part, I am not proud of. But all the rest was really, really fun.

Flirty Gal