A Sunny Day in the Woods

A Sunny Day in the Woods

My wife Julie is very vivacious and voluptuous. I know she has been asked out on dates and I also know that she as been seen out with male company. I am a house husband while she has a high paid job. She wears the trousers in this relationship.

She said last week that she was having a day from work to catch some sun. We decided to go for a drive and ended up in a remote woodland area, a mile from the road. I found a nice sunny spot and, before I got the blanket on the ground and the picnic basket out, she had striped completely naked. Do you think that is wise I asked? No one will see us was her reply. She laid there with her large breasts, with he long legs open showing the sun her love holes. She asked me to strip. ‘I am leaving my pants on’, I said, ‘you just cannot be too careful’. It is because you are well out of shape and you have the smallest penis in the world she said laughing. She also remarked about my bald head and I was told to put some sun cream on it. I felt very hurt and upset, I could have just got up and left her.

We were laid there for about two hours and I had just finished the picnic off when we were rudely interrupted by a man walking a dog. In Irish traveler tones, he stated that I had a fine looking woman with me. Julie laid there still naked and did not acknowledge him. I told the man we were just catching sun and we wanted to be left alone. ‘No need to be like that, I bet a big man like you, must have some money to have a woman like her’ he said. The fact that my wife laughed and had not covered up made me more mad. ‘Look’, he said, ‘I will give you £100 if you can push me down, noting that I was twice his size. ‘And If I loose?’, I asked. ‘Then I will steal a kiss from your woman – no more – and I will be on my way. ‘Take his bet’, Julie said. I want to see men wrestling over me. I needed to prove that I was still her husband and, for my prides sake, I was left with no alternative. When I stood up, I saw the man was tall, slim, dark tan and a mass of black hair. ‘You can do it’, my wife said as she laughed again. I made a lunge at the tinker man but he was far too quick. He stepped aside ripping off my Y fronts as he went. I was left naked. He threw my pants to his big dog, which ripped them to nothing. ‘Go on’, my wife screamed, ‘have another go’. He was just down to his blue shorts. I made another attack and this time I had him by the neck . My free hand got hold of his shorts, and I managed to pull them half way down. When he broke free, he stood back and stepped out of them. We were both naked. His penis hung down, like a gypsy pony. We both grappled for what seemed ages, but my legs gave way and he won by having me down first. ‘Never mind’, said my wife, who by this time was standing naked. She moved over to give him his £100 back. She remarked how fit he looked and he drew close for his kiss, which she did on his lips. She stood there, naked breasts, kissing him with so much passion that I, her husband felt like an intruder.I was not a happy bunny and asked him to leave. My wife ordered me to sit with the tied up dog which, for some reason, just wanted to lick the sweat off me. I complained again saying we are going home. I made a move to get to my feet but this time the dog started to snarl at me with fixed eyes. I could not dare move. The man stood facing with his arms around my wife, leaning his head down kissing her breasts and erect nipples. Her hand came from his shoulder slowly down his body and on to his penis. I saw her legs start to give way with the sheer excitement. Julie dropped to her knees and had both hands around his limp cock. She was licking the top of the shaft and masturbating with both hands. His penis started to have an erection, growing very long and thick. Julie tried to get the bull tip in her mouth. I looked down at my own little tiddler and I had a erection. Then my willy started to dribble which then the nasty dog began to lick. My wife and this stud of a man were kissing and touching each other with passion. Her legs where open, with his head between them licking her love holes. Julie was grabbing his dark hair, pushing his head further in until, I guess, she had come to a culmination. The tinker man lay on his back with his large erection being straggled by my wife. My eyes were filled with tears, I felt degraded and useless. I watched as she slowly lowered her self on to his shaft. Faster and faster they fucked, her head to the sky  and fondling her own breasts as she rode his love rod. Two or three times she dismounted to suck him before climbing back on. Her hair and body were wet with sweat. Again and again they licked and sucked each other . The air was filled with passion and lust. As my wife dismounted him , I could see that her love hole was red and swollen. This time she was on all fours, just like dogs do. I could not comprehend this. Nobody makes love like that; it is not natural. His cock in and out, in and out again, right up her hole. At first she started to grunt like a pig, then howl. This went on for some time before he stood up and sprayed his cum, some on her back and the rest on my bald head which the nasty dog started to lick me again.

After he and his nasty dog had gone, we lay not speaking, both naked. Julie broke the ice by saying that I was ten times the man he would ever be. She put her hand on my penis until it became hard and then put it in her mouth and sucked me dry. We now lay in bed, her hand giving me an erection, talking about that sunny day in the woods.

Contributor: Alan S (UK)

EDITORIAL NOTE: This site, as stated in the ‘About’ page, is not meant to feature pornographic details. An exception is being made for this very first contribution from a reader.


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