An Unusual Request

I had been working in the same department with Rosanna for four years and, although I found her tempting, I never really made any move on her fearing that any miscalculation could affect our working relationship and my job. That was until she emailed me a picture of her with her cleavage showing prominently right at the lower edge of the photo. She said she sent it to ‘thank’ me for helping make her work easier after I agreed to take on some of the work that could have gone to her in a meeting. It was an odd gesture but I took it as an indication that she was openning an avenue for interactions other than ‘all business’. I emailed back to acknowledge her gesture adding that I couldn’t help looking at the lower half of the picture. She emailed back saying that it didn’t bother her since it was ‘just a picture’. She added that she really hadn’t thought that I’d take notice of her. I said I did but was mindful of our working relationship. She then said that she actually wanted to ask me for a favor but would want to do it at the right time. Of course, I got curious and asked what it was about but she instead said that she will do it during our upcoming out-of-town conference.

When the day came, the first thing I did when I checked into my hotel room was to send her a naughty text message asking where she was and that I was waiting in my room. She responded, chiding me for my impatience and explaining that she couldn’t come to see me right away since she was facilitating a discussion. She also expressed concern that she might find it hard to extricate herself from two of our senior colleagues who served as her mentors and always kept her company. This indicated to me that she was indeed thinking of a private, possibly intimate, meeting.

She arrived in my room an hour later. As she placed her bag and laptop on a chair, I moved behind her, placed my arms around her waist and, when she showed no resistance, started nibbling her ear. She wisphered that the door was still unlocked. I quickly locked the door and got back to her who, by then, had turned around to receive me.

It was only when we were done that I got to ask her what favor she wanted from me. She said that she wasn’t planning on getting married but would like to have a child to come home to and she thought I’d make a good specimen to ‘father’ her child explaining that she wasn’t expecting any financial support from me. I thought – ‘That explains why she didn’t bother about protection as she was riding me like a nymphomaniac just minutes earlier’. Well I am kind of a conservative in that respect – I’d like to be there for the kids that I do bring into this world and so I wasn’t really amenable to her request. I told her so explaining that I had gotten vasectomy years earlier precisely for that reason. And to dispel any romantic notion, I also told her that I did sleep around with other women as well. We went on to have several more encounters after that.

Amateur Player


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