Hard to Get Mom

I had been eyeing Jenna for over four years whenever she walked past our house as she took her two kids to and from school. She often just wore t-shirts and jeans but she was hot. But the fact that she was a neighbor kept me at bay. I dreaded the thought of having an angry husband who can easily make life difficult for me so I stayed clear of her. That all changed when I was due to go overseas to take a job. I suddenly got bolder starting with introducing myself when I met her at school. I gave her my business card and asked if she could give me her number by sending me a text message or calling. After one week of not hearing her, I met her on the street – well actually, waited for her – and sort of casually asked why she hadn’t contacted me. She gave a flimsy reason of having lost my card in her bag. A little later, I got a text message from her. She then asked why I was so keen on getting her number and, emboldened by the fact that I just had a few months more of living there, I told her I had noticed her for quite a while and was hoping to get to know her and ask her out for coffee.

She said she had an errand to run and, if I was fine with me coming along, we could have coffee. She was nervous when we met up knowing that I was interested in more than just having coffee with her. So I had to make her feel comfortable. We had coffee and I accompanied her as she completed her errand with me throwing light compliments and some humor her way without really getting serious. She was uneasy but responsive to my flirty innuendos.

I waited a couple of days before messaging her again. She asked why I was so interested in her and what I wanted. Feeling more confident, I said that I found her attractive and would be interested in going out with her for coffee again or something else like us being alone in a ‘quiet place’. She immediately knew what I meant and expressed anger at my audacity asking: “What do you think of me?” I apologised for my honesty and I didn’t hear from her for two days. I messaged her after a couple of days, apologizing again and asking how she was. She asked me why I said what I said and I told her that I needed to be honest with her after waiting all those years and having little time left, with chance that we’d never see each other again. She asked me if we couldn’t just be friends and I said I’d find it hard. She kept silent for a day and I thought that was the end of it. Then I got a text message from her saying that we can go out which got me really excited. But I ended up waiting for her outside a church for an hour as she did an errand and attended a religious service. Afterwards, she explained that she had led me on which upset me a bit. To appease me, she bought me lunch.

She had a good laugh out of it for the next couple of days and I sort of played along, acting disappointed and eventually making myself scarce for a couple of days. When she asked how I felt, I told her I didn’t like the feeling of being made fun of and she apologized, promptly offering another meetup. I said no, saying I could no longer trust her. She persisted and so I agreed, thinking that I had her. On the way to the motel, she expressed second thoughts and asked if we could just go to the mall instead. Disappointed, I took her to the mall and left saying that she should be able to find her way home on her own. I didn’t answer her messages for the next couple of days. When I finally did, I made it known to her that I had enough of her games. She kept on saying she was sorry and offered several times to meet with me again. I played hard to get this time and held off as long as I could. Finally, when I sensed that she was almost ready to give up asking me to forgive her and to give her one last chance to prove she was serious, I agreed to meet up with her for ‘one last time’. This time, we went straight to the motel without her uttering a single word of hesitation. We met up a few more times in ‘quiet places’ until I left for overseas.


MILF Lover (PH)


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