Can I Have a Massage for Dessert?

Japanese GirlIt had been half a year since Rizza and I had shared an office together with two other fellow postgraduate students. After all that time, I still had not gotten to know her that well. I wasn’t really someone who could start and sustain conversations and her being the typically quiet, business-like Japanese didn’t help either. All I knew was that she had a boyfriend. I met him a couple of times when he visited her at the office.

It was therefore a good thing that we got to chat more the last couple of weeks. It was actually a big jump to the point that we agreed on having dinner together at my place. We were both foreign graduate students and were living in the same apartment complex near our school. Each of us were to prepare a popular dish from our home countries to help us get to know each other and our respective cultures more.

I was sharing my unit with another foreign student but he had gone on vacation so we had the unit all to ourselves. She cooked this nice Japanese dish and I cooked a chicken soup that was popular back home. I was kind of apprehensive because the dish had a rather strong and unusual character. It was a sour soup – you either like it or hate it, nothing in between. Thankfully, she seemed to have enjoyed it a lot. After dinner, we sat on the couch watching TV but, a couple of minutes after, she asked me if I knew how to give a massage. I had to ask her to repeat her question because it was really unexpected and I thought I had misheard her. She went on to explain that she was feeling some discomfort behind her neck. Fortunately, I was prepared it. I had read a couple of books on the topic and had a little experience giving a massage. I told her that it would be best if she was on a flat surface and so I suggested that we go to my bedroom. She agreed and I quickly switched off the TV.

I started with her neck and then asked if she wanted me to do her back as well. She agreed. I only had a lamp on in the room so she didn’t feel too exposed when I asked her to removed her sweater. Underneath, she only had a thin black satin undergarment. I took all the time that I could massaging her back and arms while kneeling on the bed right next to her. A little later, she muttered that it might be best if we did not mention anything about this to her boyfriend. I assured her I won’t. This gave me the courage to be bolder. From a kneeling position next to her, I moved my right knee over her and and mounted her at her butt. I had a pair of jeans on but I was quite sure she felt my serious hard on. This went on for another 10 minutes and I asked her if she wanted me to do her legs. This time, she declined. This left me with just her upper back to work on and I took another 20 minutes working on it before I felt I should stop before I overdid it. Not sure how she would react, I planted a kiss on her right cheek as I gave her hand a final squeeze and rested my body over hers. I heard her giggle a bit. Encouraged, I planted another kiss. No reaction. I gave her another and another and, as I was doing this, she was turning her face towards me until our lips met. She then started to turn her body to face towards me all the while we were locked in a kiss.



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