An Unexpected Encounter

AirplaneIt was an end to yet another out of town trip – the plane ride home would take one hour and 45 minutes. I really hated this part of my job because it took me away from home where I felt most comfortable. When I arrived at the airport, the power was down so everything had to be done manually. No problem – I was just happy to be on my way home. As I entered the departure lounge, I immediately noticed the shapely silhouette of a woman who, I swear, could have just jumped out of the cover of a magazine. Her skin was as pale as snow. Her figure suggested she could have been a model. The way she carried herself told me she wasn’t someone you’d find just anywhere. My first impression was that she could have very well been a mistress (as against a wife) of a congressman or tycoon. Feeling the very strong attraction, I did the exact opposite of what my male senses wanted me to do. I looked for the farthest seat in the lounge and took my place there. Like I said, I was just happy to be going home. It was all and well until boarding time and I found myself seated right next to (who else but) her. For a full ten minutes or so, I fidgeted with everything in front of me – the in-flight magazine, the earphones, the safety instructions – the barf bag. All the while, I was asking myself – Is God testing me? I had been married for seven years then and, while I had started to appreciate the beauty of other women, I had never been with one other than my wife. Finally, I decided that I should at least talk to her since we were seated right next to each other. I realized that in this big world full of hundreds of millions of peoples, we may never ever cross paths again after this chance encounter. After a shaky self-introduction, we got off to a good exchange about where we hailed from, our work and our family lives. I learned that Catherine was a senior provincial officer from a southern province and she was traveling to do some business at central office. I found out that she had teenage children but that she was separated from her husband who was having problems with substance abuse. I was 30 and she was 38 then. I told her that I taught in a university and about being married and having two beautiful children. I was very open about how attached I was to them and how dedicated I was to my family. It was then that I confided to her that I had no regrets about marrying early (I married at 23) except on the few occasions when I met a woman as beautiful and physically attractive as her. After her initial surprise, she quietly thanked me for the compliment. We went silent for a while and there was a danger that the direction the conversation took would have left us that way for the rest of the trip. I gathered the courage to restart the conversation by asking her if she found me attractive. I wasn’t in my best shape. I had gained several pounds over the years and I was wearing an unkempt mustache and so I wasn’t really confident with myself. After hesitating a bit, she told me she did. I then asked her if she wanted to spend a couple of hours alone with me after the plane landed. She looked at me with her light brown eyes searchingly – as if asking me if I was not just joking or leading her on. I was already committed so I held my ground and just stared into her eyes. Finally, she reached for an airline napkin, wrote something on it and handed it to me. It read: ‘Are you clean?’ I borrowed her pen and – with hands trembling a bit perhaps from the adrenaline – I wrote ‘Absolutely’. After reading it, she looked away and stared at the seat in front of her. I waited a while to allow her to gather her thoughts before silently calling her attention and asking ‘Do you’? Again, I got a long searching look before she gave me a nod and looked away. I took her hand and gave it a light, reassuring squeeze. That was my first experience with another woman. I found out that it was also her first experience with another man. This is one of the most unforgettable experiences in my life.

First Timer


One Response to An Unexpected Encounter

  1. Floyd says:

    It would be funny if your wife searched the history of your pc and found this story??? I’m guessing u’d be a dead man.. DEAD I tell you. You can only ever guess as to whether she’d ever love you if you revealed all!

    Still though, interesting story

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