Between Consenting Academics

spa_massage_mastheadI met Rose on campus. She was being given a tour of the school facilities by a program officer when I came across them and we were introduced to each other. Because the program officer had another matter to attend to, I was left with the task of showing Rose around and telling her what kind of support she can expect from the university. I found out that, while she was married, she was there on her own as a foreign student. I too was a foreign student there and had been away from my family for eight months or so. Before we parted, we agreed to a get-together between fellow foreign students at her place. We had dinner two days later with each of us contributing a dish. She was renting a room in a four-bedroom house but the other rooms were vacant so we had the whole house to ourselves.

I found Rose really attractive even though she was eight years my senior. Thus, I couldn’t avoid imagining what could happen between us while we were all by ourselves in that house. But the after dinner conversation was really quite innocent. We talked about our families and our work. I learned that she had a teenage son and that she was teaching in university back home. I told her I had three kids and that I also taught in a university in my home country. Just about this time, she got a call and she went into her bedroom for a few minutes to take the call. When she came out, she explained that it was her husband and we quickly went back to our idle talk. The topics went from academic interests to hobbies and skills. We learned that we both enjoyed cooking. I volunteered to take her to the local Chinatown where she can shop for fresh produce. Wanting to explore how open she was to something more than a post-dinner chatter, I mentioned that I knew massage. When she asked what the difference was between a Swedish and a shiatsu massage, I used her right forearm to illustrate it. It was a very impersonal contact in a way. Since the night was wearing on, I felt that I needed to go but we agreed that I’d be back early the following morning to take her to Chinatown.

As soon as I arrived early the next morning, she offered me a cup of tea. I nodded and followed her to the kitchen. While she was pouring the tea, I couldn’t help but notice her figure. She had on a loose pair of pink sports jacket and pants over a dark gray spaghetti blouse but her outfit still managed to show a curvy figure. I was looking at her figure and butt all the while I was following her back to the living room with the cup of tea in my hand. As we sat next to each other on the couch, she explained that she may not be able to make the trip to Chinatown because she wasn’t feeling well. She said she was up most of the night doing some writing work. For a second there, I thought – ‘There goes the day’. But then I asked if she could use a rub and she said ‘yes’ almost before I cold finish asking. I promptly started massaging her head but then she asked if I wanted to use ointment. Of course, I agreed and she went into her room to get it. After gathering my composure for a couple of seconds, I followed her into the room where she handed me a bottle. Before assuming her position on her bed, she shut her bedroom door and engaged the two locks.

Before settling in, she took off her jacket to reveal her gorgeous figure. After massaging the back of her head, I asked if she wanted me to do her back and she again quickly said yes. After her back, I asked if she wanted me to work on her legs and I got the same quick answer. It felt so good as I was taking off her pants to reveal a pair of black panties and flawless legs. As I was working on her thighs, I couldn’t help but extend the motions to touch her crotch. No reaction from her. When I finished the back of her legs, I turned her over and worked upwards from her feet, the front of her legs, her stomach and her shoulders. It was when I rolled up her blouse to work on her shoulders that I saw the full glory of her breasts. I could freely look at them because her eyes were closed. Unable to contain myself, I started kneading them. To be honest, even after all that had happened I had half-expected her to sit up and slap me. But she didn’t. At first, she just took deeper breaths but, a little later, she was already moaning. It was then that I gathered the courage to plant a kiss on her lips. She pushed me back lightly for a second or so before she started kissing me back.

Lucky Guy


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