Pregnant Pause

pregnantI was five months pregnant with my second child and so I wasn’t exactly in my best form. Still, this didn’t seem to be a problem for James. We had been office mates for more than a year and he had shown more than a professional interest in me since we met. He was always generous with compliments and was very thoughtful. There would be days when I’d just find a bar of chocolate or a cupcake on the table and I’d find out it was from him. And in the last previous weeks, James had been stepping up his game. He’d tell me I look hot and make increasingly suggestive comments that would have sounded offensive if not for the fact that I liked him. Well, it was more like lusted from him. He was very yummy in the way he dressed and carried himself.

A few of us had to do overtime one evening to get a document in the following day. He sat next to me in my cubicle as we worked on the numbers. Initially, I was too focused on the work to notice how closely he had moved towards me. What caught my attention was his hand lightly cupping mine while he was seemingly absorbed in studying the document I was holding. I don’t know if it was in spite or because of the stress but I suddenly felt so darn horny. Of course, I initially pretended that I didn’t notice what he was doing. It stayed that way for a few minutes until one of our office mates came by to say that she was done and that she was leaving. He quickly let go of my hand and moved away from me. To me, this changed everything. Up to that time, I had thought it prudent to keep him at bay for fear that he lacked discretion. He kind of had a playboy image in the office. His suave move told me I could trust his sense of discretion.

After we said bye to our office mate, I went back to looking at the document and he quickly moved closer towards me – even closer than before. By this time, I was getting fidgety and very wet down there. It seems counter-intuitive but there is something about pregnancy that gets my sexual drive up. I find myself initiating sex with my husband more often when I am pregnant than when I am not. When I couldn’t help it any longer, I turned to him and asked him what he was doing. Rather than shirk away, he threw a confident smile, looked me in the eye and told me that he really found me extremely attractive.

I hadn’t expected that reaction and so I was left speechless. We sat there staring at each other for a moment and then, without a word, we started kissing. But fearing that another office mate might come along, I pulled back and told him we couldn’t do it there. He stood up and very lightly pulled my hand as he led me to the copy room. There, in the unlit room, I gave the lucky bastard one of the most memorable heads in his life.

Flirty Gal


One Response to Pregnant Pause

  1. Rick says:

    WOW wish that had been me, I think pregnant women are so sexy and the thought of milking the breasts or having it squirt out of the nipples when they orgasm. It is that would have eaten her till she orgasmed.

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