‘Confusing’ Sister-in-Law


I first met Shanna when she was in her senior year in high school. I was courting her elder sister then and she was seven years my junior. She looked really pretty in her high school uniform but I did not see her in any sexual way then. Back then, she was just the younger sister who wasn’t too welcoming of a stranger. I married her sister a couple of years after and, three years later, she moved in with us to live independently from her parents. By then, she had grown to be a very beautiful woman and I began to feel a strong attraction towards her.

It would have all been easy to disregard except for the fact that she was living with us and she had some, should I say, ‘confusing’ habits. She was fond of wearing very short shorts and blouses that showed as much as they covered. As if seeing her shapely thighs wasn’t torture enough, she had the habit of sitting close to me. On a good number of occasions, she would sit on the armrest of the couch I was sitting in even if there were other seats available. I would rest my arm on her thigh with my elbows well in between her legs and she wouldn’t move an inch. Once, when we rode a taxi together, she moved just enough to give me a little room to sit but she did not move over to the other side of the taxi leaving the other side conspicuously vacant. Feeling an intense attraction towards her and, at the same time, fearing the implications of a miscalculation on my part, I did not know what to do.

There were times when it became very tempting. Once, we were alone in the living room, watching TV on the couch. She had her back against an armrest and I was seated right in front of her. As we were conversing, I couldn’t help but start physical contact by touching her toes. We kept on a conversation even while I was already giving her a foot massage. The next thing I knew, we had moved towards each other so that her crotch was virtually touching my hip, with her thighs loosely wrapped around my waist. You can, of course, imagine the tension a guy would feel being in that position with a beautiful, 21-year old woman. We stayed in that position for almost half an hour, with the massage now up her lower leg until my wife came out of our room and we quickly disengaged ourselves.

The most serious encounter was when we were all alone in the house and she was moving about doing some cleaning work in a dress long enough to touch the floor but as thin as a veil. Not only could I see the outline of her panties, I could actually tell its colour five feet away. She was moving back and forth past me and, with only the two of us in the house, the temptation was almost unbearable. Not wanting more torment, I walked up to her and pointed out to her the fact that her dress was virtually see through. I don’t know what else I said but deep inside I was sort of begging her to stop torturing me. She quickly went into her room and stayed there for some time. For a good thirty minutes maybe, I was debating with myself if I should follow her inside. I didn’t.

She stayed with us for some time and we had a number those ‘confusing’ intimate encounters but nothing really happened between us. Now, she’s happily married with two kids. Still, I can’t help but wonder from time to time what would have happened if I had gathered enough courage to ask her.

A Really Smart OR A Really Stupid Brother-in-Law


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  1. Sayeed Khan says:

    I love sister in law secret sex story.

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