A Little Boy and An Indonesian Princess

October 24, 2014

tsI was invited to speak at a conference in Indonesia on very short notice. In less than three days, I had to put together a presentation, book flights and work out how to get to the hotel in my very first visit to the country. And so I wasn’t feeling my best when I stood in front of the plenary for an hour literally straight from the airport, with my luggage still in hand.

After the presentation, I decided to sit in a small group session to get a more intimate feel of the conference. As soon as I joined the group, I noticed a pretty woman seated across the table who was shyly avoiding eye contact with me. She kept looking down the table most of the time and so I took the opportunity to gaze at her. I noticed that she had really pretty eyes and sweet kissable lips. She had a hint of dainty elegance about her that made me think that she had a privileged childhood – a princess in her own home. I would quickly look away on the few occasions she glanced in my general direction but then conveniently throw my gaze back at her as soon as she looked away. That went on until the end of the session but I didn’t see her again for the rest of the day.

As I was looking for a seat with tray in hand at lunch the following day, I saw her seated with another woman at a table. We exchanged smiles and she politely offered a seat which I was only too happy to take. The discussion over lunch with Ella and her friend was mainly business – about the topic I presented and the theme of the conference. But I couldn’t help appreciate her curves and where the butterfly-shaped pendant hanging from her necklace was resting on. While the presence of her friend kept me from getting into more personal details, I managed to ask her if she was staying at the hotel hoping that I could arrange to meet with her for dinner or after dinner. She said she was going home for the evening because her residence was not that far. I really had no opportunity to speak with her in private because there were many more sessions the following day and she was always around colleagues. I left after two nights stay but not without her email address.

As soon as I got back home, I emailed her with an innocent ‘It was good to meet you at the conference, keep in touch’ message. Her first reply was to ask why I had emailed her and I said that I just wanted to establish a communication line for future professional collaboration. What followed was a series of email exchanges that went from that tone to a more personal one. I told her I was married and had three kids in their teens. I learned that she was married and had two young children. She was quite active and busy – running a business, serving as the secretary of her national association and working part time in a foundation.

I can’t recall exactly how it went from there to us admitting to each other that we found each other attractive. This all happened over emails, mind you. I told her I was staring at her from across the table the whole time during the parallel session and she said she knew I was, making her very self-conscious. How could she have noticed when (I thought) I was so smooth in stealing glances? I really don’t know. She admitted to feeling silly talking to herself when she went to the toilet shortly after, telling herself ‘He couldn’t have been looking at you. Was he?’ while fixing her hair. She said that I caught her attention the moment she saw me walk into the conference venue for my presentation. If we weren’t a country apart, I would have asked to see her and she would have agreed. Instead, we just contented ourselves with idle talk about having a relationship. She called me her ‘fantasy boyfriend’ and said that she liked the way I made her feel very special. I called her my ‘Indonesian Princess’.

It wasn’t until more than two years later when we got an opportunity to meet again. It was another conference. And this time, I wanted to have her in bed straight away. But when she came into my room in the afternoon of the first day, she said she wasn’t ready to do it with me because she wasn’t feeling well and that she was very busy serving as the executive officer of the local conference organizing committee. And so I felt quite frustrated that she left my room without anything happening between us. I made known my disappointment by not responding too enthusiastically to her email messages. She asked if she could visit me in my room the following afternoon. When she came, she said she knew I was upset. She remarked that I looked like a little boy who didn’t get his candy. She also admitted that she wasn’t ready psychologically because it would be her very first time to be with another man other than her husband and she couldn’t understand why I seemed so at ease with the prospect. Didn’t I feel as anxious and guilty as she did? Of course, the last thing I wanted her to know was that it wasn’t my first (or second or third) time to be with another woman. I simply said that after waiting for two long years, it was frustrating not to be able to have her. She pulled me towards the bed and started kissing me while again teasing me that I looked like a little boy who wasn’t getting his treat. After a good minute of kissing, I quickly went for her breasts and she did not resist. Still, at the back of my mind, I was thinking that I might just get to third base given what happened the previous day. And so I was surprised and overjoyed when she lifted her pelvis and started to take off her panties. Needless to say, I felt like a boy handed a bag of candies the next hour and a half and two more times in the days that followed.

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A Sunny Day in the Woods

October 22, 2014

A Sunny Day in the Woods

My wife Julie is very vivacious and voluptuous. I know she has been asked out on dates and I also know that she as been seen out with male company. I am a house husband while she has a high paid job. She wears the trousers in this relationship.

She said last week that she was having a day from work to catch some sun. We decided to go for a drive and ended up in a remote woodland area, a mile from the road. I found a nice sunny spot and, before I got the blanket on the ground and the picnic basket out, she had striped completely naked. Do you think that is wise I asked? No one will see us was her reply. She laid there with her large breasts, with he long legs open showing the sun her love holes. She asked me to strip. ‘I am leaving my pants on’, I said, ‘you just cannot be too careful’. It is because you are well out of shape and you have the smallest penis in the world she said laughing. She also remarked about my bald head and I was told to put some sun cream on it. I felt very hurt and upset, I could have just got up and left her.

We were laid there for about two hours and I had just finished the picnic off when we were rudely interrupted by a man walking a dog. In Irish traveler tones, he stated that I had a fine looking woman with me. Julie laid there still naked and did not acknowledge him. I told the man we were just catching sun and we wanted to be left alone. ‘No need to be like that, I bet a big man like you, must have some money to have a woman like her’ he said. The fact that my wife laughed and had not covered up made me more mad. ‘Look’, he said, ‘I will give you £100 if you can push me down, noting that I was twice his size. ‘And If I loose?’, I asked. ‘Then I will steal a kiss from your woman – no more – and I will be on my way. ‘Take his bet’, Julie said. I want to see men wrestling over me. I needed to prove that I was still her husband and, for my prides sake, I was left with no alternative. When I stood up, I saw the man was tall, slim, dark tan and a mass of black hair. ‘You can do it’, my wife said as she laughed again. I made a lunge at the tinker man but he was far too quick. He stepped aside ripping off my Y fronts as he went. I was left naked. He threw my pants to his big dog, which ripped them to nothing. ‘Go on’, my wife screamed, ‘have another go’. He was just down to his blue shorts. I made another attack and this time I had him by the neck . My free hand got hold of his shorts, and I managed to pull them half way down. When he broke free, he stood back and stepped out of them. We were both naked. His penis hung down, like a gypsy pony. We both grappled for what seemed ages, but my legs gave way and he won by having me down first. ‘Never mind’, said my wife, who by this time was standing naked. She moved over to give him his £100 back. She remarked how fit he looked and he drew close for his kiss, which she did on his lips. She stood there, naked breasts, kissing him with so much passion that I, her husband felt like an intruder.I was not a happy bunny and asked him to leave. My wife ordered me to sit with the tied up dog which, for some reason, just wanted to lick the sweat off me. I complained again saying we are going home. I made a move to get to my feet but this time the dog started to snarl at me with fixed eyes. I could not dare move. The man stood facing with his arms around my wife, leaning his head down kissing her breasts and erect nipples. Her hand came from his shoulder slowly down his body and on to his penis. I saw her legs start to give way with the sheer excitement. Julie dropped to her knees and had both hands around his limp cock. She was licking the top of the shaft and masturbating with both hands. His penis started to have an erection, growing very long and thick. Julie tried to get the bull tip in her mouth. I looked down at my own little tiddler and I had a erection. Then my willy started to dribble which then the nasty dog began to lick. My wife and this stud of a man were kissing and touching each other with passion. Her legs where open, with his head between them licking her love holes. Julie was grabbing his dark hair, pushing his head further in until, I guess, she had come to a culmination. The tinker man lay on his back with his large erection being straggled by my wife. My eyes were filled with tears, I felt degraded and useless. I watched as she slowly lowered her self on to his shaft. Faster and faster they fucked, her head to the sky  and fondling her own breasts as she rode his love rod. Two or three times she dismounted to suck him before climbing back on. Her hair and body were wet with sweat. Again and again they licked and sucked each other . The air was filled with passion and lust. As my wife dismounted him , I could see that her love hole was red and swollen. This time she was on all fours, just like dogs do. I could not comprehend this. Nobody makes love like that; it is not natural. His cock in and out, in and out again, right up her hole. At first she started to grunt like a pig, then howl. This went on for some time before he stood up and sprayed his cum, some on her back and the rest on my bald head which the nasty dog started to lick me again.

After he and his nasty dog had gone, we lay not speaking, both naked. Julie broke the ice by saying that I was ten times the man he would ever be. She put her hand on my penis until it became hard and then put it in her mouth and sucked me dry. We now lay in bed, her hand giving me an erection, talking about that sunny day in the woods.

Contributor: Alan S (UK)

EDITORIAL NOTE: This site, as stated in the ‘About’ page, is not meant to feature pornographic details. An exception is being made for this very first contribution from a reader.

An Unusual Request

June 26, 2012

I had been working in the same department with Rosanna for four years and, although I found her tempting, I never really made any move on her fearing that any miscalculation could affect our working relationship and my job. That was until she emailed me a picture of her with her cleavage showing prominently right at the lower edge of the photo. She said she sent it to ‘thank’ me for helping make her work easier after I agreed to take on some of the work that could have gone to her in a meeting. It was an odd gesture but I took it as an indication that she was openning an avenue for interactions other than ‘all business’. I emailed back to acknowledge her gesture adding that I couldn’t help looking at the lower half of the picture. She emailed back saying that it didn’t bother her since it was ‘just a picture’. She added that she really hadn’t thought that I’d take notice of her. I said I did but was mindful of our working relationship. She then said that she actually wanted to ask me for a favor but would want to do it at the right time. Of course, I got curious and asked what it was about but she instead said that she will do it during our upcoming out-of-town conference.

When the day came, the first thing I did when I checked into my hotel room was to send her a naughty text message asking where she was and that I was waiting in my room. She responded, chiding me for my impatience and explaining that she couldn’t come to see me right away since she was facilitating a discussion. She also expressed concern that she might find it hard to extricate herself from two of our senior colleagues who served as her mentors and always kept her company. This indicated to me that she was indeed thinking of a private, possibly intimate, meeting.

She arrived in my room an hour later. As she placed her bag and laptop on a chair, I moved behind her, placed my arms around her waist and, when she showed no resistance, started nibbling her ear. She wisphered that the door was still unlocked. I quickly locked the door and got back to her who, by then, had turned around to receive me.

It was only when we were done that I got to ask her what favor she wanted from me. She said that she wasn’t planning on getting married but would like to have a child to come home to and she thought I’d make a good specimen to ‘father’ her child explaining that she wasn’t expecting any financial support from me. I thought – ‘That explains why she didn’t bother about protection as she was riding me like a nymphomaniac just minutes earlier’. Well I am kind of a conservative in that respect – I’d like to be there for the kids that I do bring into this world and so I wasn’t really amenable to her request. I told her so explaining that I had gotten vasectomy years earlier precisely for that reason. And to dispel any romantic notion, I also told her that I did sleep around with other women as well. We went on to have several more encounters after that.

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Hard to Get Mom

May 28, 2012

I had been eyeing Jenna for over four years whenever she walked past our house as she took her two kids to and from school. She often just wore t-shirts and jeans but she was hot. But the fact that she was a neighbor kept me at bay. I dreaded the thought of having an angry husband who can easily make life difficult for me so I stayed clear of her. That all changed when I was due to go overseas to take a job. I suddenly got bolder starting with introducing myself when I met her at school. I gave her my business card and asked if she could give me her number by sending me a text message or calling. After one week of not hearing her, I met her on the street – well actually, waited for her – and sort of casually asked why she hadn’t contacted me. She gave a flimsy reason of having lost my card in her bag. A little later, I got a text message from her. She then asked why I was so keen on getting her number and, emboldened by the fact that I just had a few months more of living there, I told her I had noticed her for quite a while and was hoping to get to know her and ask her out for coffee.

She said she had an errand to run and, if I was fine with me coming along, we could have coffee. She was nervous when we met up knowing that I was interested in more than just having coffee with her. So I had to make her feel comfortable. We had coffee and I accompanied her as she completed her errand with me throwing light compliments and some humor her way without really getting serious. She was uneasy but responsive to my flirty innuendos.

I waited a couple of days before messaging her again. She asked why I was so interested in her and what I wanted. Feeling more confident, I said that I found her attractive and would be interested in going out with her for coffee again or something else like us being alone in a ‘quiet place’. She immediately knew what I meant and expressed anger at my audacity asking: “What do you think of me?” I apologised for my honesty and I didn’t hear from her for two days. I messaged her after a couple of days, apologizing again and asking how she was. She asked me why I said what I said and I told her that I needed to be honest with her after waiting all those years and having little time left, with chance that we’d never see each other again. She asked me if we couldn’t just be friends and I said I’d find it hard. She kept silent for a day and I thought that was the end of it. Then I got a text message from her saying that we can go out which got me really excited. But I ended up waiting for her outside a church for an hour as she did an errand and attended a religious service. Afterwards, she explained that she had led me on which upset me a bit. To appease me, she bought me lunch.

She had a good laugh out of it for the next couple of days and I sort of played along, acting disappointed and eventually making myself scarce for a couple of days. When she asked how I felt, I told her I didn’t like the feeling of being made fun of and she apologized, promptly offering another meetup. I said no, saying I could no longer trust her. She persisted and so I agreed, thinking that I had her. On the way to the motel, she expressed second thoughts and asked if we could just go to the mall instead. Disappointed, I took her to the mall and left saying that she should be able to find her way home on her own. I didn’t answer her messages for the next couple of days. When I finally did, I made it known to her that I had enough of her games. She kept on saying she was sorry and offered several times to meet with me again. I played hard to get this time and held off as long as I could. Finally, when I sensed that she was almost ready to give up asking me to forgive her and to give her one last chance to prove she was serious, I agreed to meet up with her for ‘one last time’. This time, we went straight to the motel without her uttering a single word of hesitation. We met up a few more times in ‘quiet places’ until I left for overseas.


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Worth Seven Hours of Travel

May 22, 2012

ImageIt was in a small conference when I first met Cherry. At 27, she was 13 years younger than me and in her prime. She approached me to say that she enjoyed my presentation. I could sense there was some level of infatuation on her part but the thought of us meeting every so often in professional circles kept me from taking advantage of the interest she showed. It was a few months later when she asked me if I could do a presentation in a workshop of her students. I knew she was 7 hours away by bus and that they couldn’t really afford to fully compensate me for the travel and work I’ll be doing but I felt obliged to help them out.

So I traveled seven hours to get to their town. I went there the evening before the presentation so I would be ready early the next morning. They met me at the bus terminal and promptly drove me to the hotel and left me there for the night. I was kind of hoping to get a message from her saying something like ‘Would you like to have dinner with me?’ but nothing came.

The next morning, I sent her a text message saying ‘I’m ready to go. I’m just in my room rehearsing my presentation’ knowing that they (her drive and colleague) were coming to pick me up. I thought I should let them know that they just needed to call me once they were at the hotel. The next thing I knew, there was a knock on the door. I opened it and it was her. Since I still had to pack my laptop, I let her in, leaving her to close the door. When she did, my head was racing as I tried to collect my thoughts in the bathroom after I excused myself to ‘brush my teeth’. Should I take that as an indication that I could explore intimacy with her? I decided that I could not take the chance. Still, as I was opening the hotel room door, I was thinking of just turning around and taking her right there and then. I didn’t.

I did the presentation in the morning and, after lunch, she took me to the town central market to have a look at some of the local produce. I didn’t really notice them as I was following her around the market, with my attention fixed to her petite, curvy figure. I was fantasizing about being in bed with her but, once again, prudence prevailed. I left town late that afternoon and, all the while I was on the bus on my way back home, I kept wondering what could have happened if I had gathered the courage to grab hold of her when we were in my hotel room.

She sent me a message thanking me for the effort and I thought that was it. But we continued exchanging messages after that, this time less formal and more personal. I learned that she was married and that she had a young child. But her relationship with her husband wasn’t that good. It came to the point that we found out that we found each other attractive and that we felt the same way when she walked into my hotel room. We talked about meeting up but it wasn’t easy given the distance. To make it fair, we decided to meet in a town halfway in between our respective cities. But a day before the scheduled meet, she messaged me to say that her child was sick and so she couldn’t go. I suspected that she had a change of heart but I just said it was OK. But I realized that she was telling the truth when, a week after, she told me that she had decided to travel all the way to my city – seven hours away – saying: ‘Don’t worry. You will have me.’ And so I did. And I made sure that it was worth the seven hours of travel for her.

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Too Hot to Handle

May 12, 2012

I first saw May as I was introducing myself as facilitator in an international seminar. She came as part of a delegation of senior officials from Indonesia observing the conduct of the seminar. I was in the middle of my self introduction but she immediately caught my eye. Even while wearing a modest business suit, she couldn’t hide her curves.  She had a milky complexion and beautiful eyes. She looked like she was married and had kids but she was clearly a MILF, if you’ve ever seen one. But she was with a senior male official, around whom the rest of the delegation hovered and I was in what was an important work contract for the seminar and so I did not really do anything about the fact that she was terribly attractive until the last day of the seminar.

We had a farewell dinner on the last day and it was then that I had a chance to get close to her. We had to wait about an hour for the food to be set and I took that as an opportunity to strike a conversation with her. She was with a small group of colleagues and I learned that, indeed, she was married and had a family and that she was also a senior official in a big organisation in Indonesia. I thought her being married and being a senior official is not good as far as expecting her to flirt around with me. But she did. When someone started playing the piano, she joined to softly sing a song. I joined in and, before I knew it, we were talking about music and singing tunes with each other even as the piano player had stopped. In a quiet duet we did, I could sense a deep longing in her eyes as we were looking in each other’s eyes and singing the love song. But there was just too many people in the party for anything serious to happen. I had already packed my things and left them in the lobby and we were with many seminar participants when we went back to the lobby, leaving me no chance nor alibi to go up the elevator with her. We said good night to each other and bade each other farewell as they were leaving the country early the following morning.

To keep the link between us, I emailed her the lyrics of a song she was struggling to remember that evening. She responded and that led to us talking about the meaning of the song, how we felt about music and, eventually, how we felt as we were singing those tunes that night. But we were an ocean apart and so nothing really could be expected of it until she told me a few months after that seminar that she had another business travel to my city. When she came, she simply told me where she was staying  and I went to see her in her hotel room.

MILF Lover (PH)

Shy Surprise

May 6, 2012

I first met Lea when we participated in a four-day training in her home country, Vietnam. But I did not really take notice of her because she acted and dressed modestly. It was only one year later when we had a three-day follow-up seminar in Jakarta that she caught my attention. Our country delegations were seated in the same table and it was then that I started to notice her charm behind her shyness. I also suspected that I had caught her attention. On the first day, we were asked to introduce ourselves to the other participants seated at the table and then nominate someone else whom we would like to introduce themselves after we were done. Of the 10 of us, she picked me.

We were seated apart from each other on the first day but I took every chance to strike a conversation with her during breaks. By the second day, we were seated next to each other.  I learned that she was a medical doctor and was married with young kids. She also had a mild sense of humor – as much as her Confucian culture could afford her. Trying out a seduction technique I got off the internet, I tried leaning a leg next to hers to see if she’d move away or maintain physical contact and, true to her conservative demeanor, she moved away. I thought – as far as theory goes – that was not good. If she had not moved, that would have indicated that she was comfortable with a little contact with me. At least, that is what the author of that web posting said. Anyway, my hopes were sort of dashed and so I was only too happy when she suggested that we can go out for coffee after the group dinner that evening.

Since a number of my fellow delegates knew me personally and professionally, I thought it would be prudent not to make it so obvious for them and so I decided to sit with others during dinner and it just so happened that I was seated next to the administrative assistant of the conference organizer who was young and pretty and carried a good conversation. It was a big mistake and I realized it soon after I saw Lea’s awkward reaction when we walked past each other as we were being shown around the mall right after dinner. I didn’t get to have coffee with Lea that night. She promptly disappeared and, since I didn’t know her room number, I couldn’t contact her.

In the morning of the third and last day of the seminar, I noticed that she took a different seat from the previous day, even though the seat next to mine, which was where she sat the previous day, was still empty when she came in. I approached her during the morning tea break and she was rather distant. She sat with others during lunch. But she started to warm up to me again by the afternoon tea break and so we got to sit next to each other during the group dinner. We agreed to go for some ice cream right after.

As it turned out, looking for ice cream at nine in the evening in that part of town wasn’t so easy. We ended up buying the last couple of ice cream on sticks from a diner where the staff was busy cleaning up in preparation for closing. We walked around the block as we ate our treat until we decided to sit in a partially sheltered space along the sidewalk. We talked about work and family life for a good hour and a half. She brought up the topic about ‘how men are’ and I responded with the topic of ‘how women are’. Then it started to drizzle and I asked her if she’d like us to ‘go back to our hotel’. She agreed and we promptly walked towards the hotel which was just a couple of minutes away. As we walked towards the elevator, I saw that there was a big group of people waiting there and, thinking that I still needed to work out if she was open to having me come to her room or vice-versa and a crowded elevator wouldn’t allow me to do that, I sort of pretended to make an inquiry at the front desk hoping she’d take my cue. She didn’t and, by the time I realized that, she was gone.

It took some half an hour or so for me to find out out her room number and work out how to call her using the hotel phone which was annoyingly not too user-friendly at that time. After finally managing to call her, I fumbled with what to say until I cautiously asked: I was wondering if you would… you know, if I could…’

And then this seemingly shy woman surprised me by helping me out and asking: ‘Would you like to come to my room?’ Of course I lost no time to say ‘yes’ and run up to her room.

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